Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dazed and Confused

After this weekend's whirlwind of fun and activities, that is how I felt.  But most of the time, it is what I think of every time I turn around to see Kayda's expressions in the car.  She starts out very alert and excited. Wondering if this trip will lead her (it's all about her, it's never me going somewhere) to the dog park to play with friends and fetch balls from the lake or maybe home to my parents house in Katy to play in the pool or huge back yard.
pup loves swimmin!

No matter where we are going, one thing is for sure- about 10 minutes into the ride the gets this real serious look on her face and glazed over eyes.  Kind of like a little kid who is so exhausted but forces himself awake so he doesn't miss out on anything fun.

does this face look serious to you?

Besides that, here is a quick recap to my weekend! We packed up the car to drop Kayda off with my mom at our lake house, before heading out to a log cabin in Kingsland, Texas to celebrate my cousins's 30th birthday.  We are a close knit family, so naturally most of my cousins were there. We had a blast!

My cousin and new Mama!!!
This kind of scared me.  Dogs in the country don't do safety.

We stayed out there until Sunday afternoon when we had to pack up and head back to Austin. I'll add more pictures of the cabin later, because it was really neat.  Then it was off to Papa Noel to pick up the tree.  The selection was pretty awful, and I guess that is what we get for waiting so long to get our tree.  Sitting here with the lights on, I am thankful to at least have a tree and a house filled with that unique smell that simply cannot be replaced by any candle or scent.  Real Christmas trees are the bomb.com!!!

And what is Christmas tree smell, if not accompanied by baking cookies?? I finally got around to Day 2 of Christmas cookies and made some Mexican Wedding Cookies.  My mamaw makes these every year for Christmas, but calls hers "sand tarts".  They are delicious!!!! I got so carried away baking that I forgot to snap more pictures. 

 I have something to confess. My last run, Friday, was miserable.  I hurt after 5 minutes and nearly turned around before convincing myself that sometimes runs are not fun and they hurt and that I just needed to get through it, and 30 minutes was so temporary in the grand scheme.  So 30 minutes of self talk, mantra repetitions, and grimaced faces probably offensive to passer-bys, I was done and thankful.  Naturally, I had some fear for this long run (originally scheduled for Sunday, but Hal didn't have weekend party animals in mind when drafting his training plan)  and was dreading feeling as awful as I did during Friday's run.  With a little encouragement, I forced myself out the door yesterday with the intent on running 4 miles.  I really got into the swing and ended up running over 5.  It was actually a very zen run throughout my neighborhood of beautiful homes and equally impressive Christmas lights.  It reminds me that sometimes, after a "bad run" you've just got to get out there and do it again.  So you can see that it's just a part of the cycle. And that those runs happen way less often than the ones where you do feel awesome.  

Namaste, people. 

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