About Me

My name is Rachel and I am starting this blog after a year plus of following and gaining inspiration and tips from fellow healthy living bloggers.  I am passionate for fitness, clean eating, and living a life of gratitude. While I am not a perfect example of this lifestyle, I would say I am a real example- someone who doesn’t follow the rules 24-7 and would quickly go crazy if I did.  My sister, dog, and I live in a condo in Austin and have some pretty fun times together.

I have not always been healthy, and didn’t really know how to be until after college.  However, I have always loved food, all food, and that has been a constant. I have always had a very lean frame and was skinny until college when my activity level came to a halt along with my very fast, thank you Mom, metabolism.  (see story here)   Now I love messing around in the kitchen, experimenting with different ingredients and creating healthier, balanced meals.  I eat at least 6 times a day with 3 solid meals and snacks in between.  You can see some of my go-tos here (recipes)  You won’t catch me without snacks in my purse, car, desk, you name it.  Low blood sugar = extremely cranky, so I try to spare others my hissy fits and stay satisfied.

Eating healthy is important to me because:
  • ·      Of how it makes me feel
  • ·      It fuels my workouts and gives me energy!
  • ·      I don’t feel so bad when I eat a few cookies now and then
  • ·      I love life and need this body to last!

A native Texan, I have lived in Austin for 6 years now.  This place is more than a city or a home to me.  Austin is a feeling.  Austin is my funky little friend that I want to show off, yet protect.  She is unique. A wild child with a pensive, quiet side.  She encourages people to march to the beat of their own drum and will accept you for exactly who you are…I want to try showcasing the places and people that make living here so special. 

This October I ran my first race- The Austin IBM 10k.  And now, I am hooked.  My next race, The Austin Half Marathon is 12 weeks away and I am training on Hal Higdon’s Novice Plan.  I love the endorphins I get from working out and am a big fan of HIIT.  With a low attention span, quick and intense workouts are the perfect mix for me to stay engaged and get my body moving.  I like to make up my own routines that can be completed outside of the gym, and if the weather is nice I prefer working out outdoors at a track or park and have found there is plenty of (school funded workout equipment) tools to give me the workout I crave.  Fo free!

Honestly, writing isn’t my strongest skill. I write like I talk, which is sometimes all over the place.  My life involves much more than eating healthy and working out and I want to share that here as well.  I would rather spend $250 on a plane ticket than pair of jeans, but I am guilty of being big spenders on both.  Something else I would like to include here is how to stay on track and fit in work outs while on vacation.  You may choose to take a break from working out and eating healthy during vacation, and I too indulge much while traveling.  My body just has a lot of energy and a good workout helps get that energy out and ease my anxiety.

The information I post on here is what I choose to put out in the universe, so there will probably be more of the yay look at me running a half marathon than the darn I don’t feel as sexy this morning as I did last night…after my third margarita…I need P Terry’s stat! 

We all looked better last night than we feel this AM

I believe we make the choice to be positive and also that we can train our brains to make that choice for us (eventually) on more of a subconscious level.  It may seem a bit generic to say I am passionate for people, but I really am.  I cheer for the underdog and try to see the good in all people or situations. 

I have the most supportive group of friends and thank God for them every day.  I hope to meet some of these inspirational women who I feel like I have known for years.  Please feel free to ask my anything and I would be so appreciative of your feedback.