Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guess Who is Back Again?!

That's right. ME!!!  It's amazing how quickly 5 months fly by.  Quite a few big events went down, so I will probably just re-visit them as recap posts in the future.  

Here's what's happening now.

I'm reading: Danielle LaPort's The Fire Starter Sessions and am absolutely in love with her incredibly authentic voice.  She is the real deal.  About as raw and weird as they come.  And for me, the more weird (true to self), the better.

I'm loving:  Josie Maran Argan Oil.  Maybe I'm a bit gimmicky, but if my mind tells me that natural, 100% pure product is good for my skin and hair, then I believe it.  This stuff is da bomb dot com.  I first heard of Josie Maran, over at A Cup of Jo.   See Summer Essentials post for other note-worthy summer tips!

I'm working towards:  My CPT. That's right, my certificate in personal training.  It's time to stop wanting and start acting.  This is just the beginning, and I cannot wait to continue creating my path based on how I want to feel.   After much thought, hours of research,  and recommendations from friends and strangers, I decided to go with NASM.  My goal is to study and take the test by August 15th, my 25th birthday.   Courtney over at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life has a helpful post on her certification journey.

cheesy tourist photo cued by Javier. Look how strong he is, holding up that tree!!!

I'll be back soon.  For now, check out this these throwback pictures of my mom.   She turned 55 in February so we had a little get together and watched a slideshow that I put together.  Everyone wanted to watch it again and again.  It was neat seeing all the reactions and hearing the memories these photos brought out.

late eighties fashion = cool hand me downs for me...obviously

hot mom alert

Need that dress!

Could my brother be any cuter? No.

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