Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Two months ago, my farthest non-stop run was 3.1 miles.  Exactly 3.1 and over a year ago at that.   Without getting too detailed on past distance records and running patterns (or lack thereof) let me just summarize in saying this: I have never been "a runner".  I have intermittently included running as part of my workouts but have never been organized or consistent about tracking mileage or even time.

Fast forward to the beginning of September.  In typical Rachel fashion, I decided that I would run a 10k race. Why not?  Perhaps a 5k would have been more appropriate to begin with,  but I wanted to push the limits and really give myself a challenge.  And so I did.  I set out to run the entire race and cross the finish line and ended up shocking myself with my time and PDR. 

The point is this: " If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves"
    - Thomas Alva Edison

There is so much that we cannot,  by physical limitations, do today.  On the other hand, there is so much we can do to get us there one day.  So you have never ran a 5k?  Do you have legs that can move and can run for 5 minutes today? Then get out there and run them for 5 minutes.  And tomorrow run them for 6.  Yes, we have to push ourselves and face challenges on the way to our goals but that is what gets us there.  And those same challenges are what deters most others.  Whatever we set our mind to do, within reason, we can.  It will take a mix of time, determination, persistence, but we can do it.  What are you waiting for?