Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If You're a Sissy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands

Clap, Clap.

Sissy I am, when it comes to freezing cold weather.  I knew this day was coming.  The day when shorts and a long sleeved dri fit just wouldn't cut it.  I get dizzy running on the treadmill so I knew this run would kick off the beginning of miserable, cold-weather training and that today's scheduled 3 miles in 38 degree weather would be no joke.  I pictured this happening to me...

"She'll see it later, Clark. Her eyes are frozen".

A few weeks ago, my friend Brit, unfortunately still recovering from a running injury, was able to recommend some of her tips for training and her favorite gear. Apparently, the key to staying warm during these runs is keeping my head, hands, and feet warm.  

This Christmas list has a theme

Funny I thought I could wait until Christmas to collect.  It really isn't too far off of a thought, considering I have sunbathed a time or two on Christmas day.  So after lunch, I stopped by Hill Country Running Company to get the basic necessities.

Runner sales guy:  Can I help you?

Me: (out of breath from walking 20 yards in the cold) "Yes. (Huff). I need stuff to run in that".  (Pointing outside).

He laughed and took me around the store as we collected the following:

  • Balega wool trail socks 
  • White Asics semi-fitted jaide hoodie
  • Asics Thermopolis headband
  • CW-XCompression tights  that turned out to be a size too small
Having to get creative w/ my lower half (tight mishap), I decided to wear my Burton wool knee high socks w/ my lululemon crop pants, along with a sports bra and tee shirt under my new hoodie, new headband, Asics gel nimbus 12, and isotone gloves.

How was it, you ask??

Drumroll please................

Not bad!! In fact, I wasn't miserable at all. Not even close.  It felt refreshing! I didn't feel too bulky and bogged down w/ layer upon layer but instead felt light and comfortable.  My sister was lucky enough to pull up right as I was leaving and captured some of my delirious hype:


Burton wool socks: did what they were supposed to- the wool kept my feet nice and warm

Asics top: With a tee shirt underneath, it was perfect.  I liked that it had a hood just in case the wind chill was extra bad and I wanted to get a little gangsta. I zipped it up all the way so my neck was taken care of as well.

Headband: I'm glad I chose the thicker of the two.  It covered my ears the whole time and I didn't have to fool with it moving around.

Isotone gloves: Kept my hands warm for the most part, but I could feel a bit of a chill at times.  I think I may still get a pair of gloves designed specifically for runners.

Asics Gel Nimbus 12: I have had these shoes since I started running consistently averaging anywhere from 9-15 miles a week.  They probably have close to 300 miles on them so I may upgrade soon to the newest version.

Time for work.


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