Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 Recap: Simplify

My word of 2011 wasn't determined before the new year.  Or at the new year.

Without realizing it,  2011 became a whirlwind.  A force that created discomfort, mixed things up, and ultimately inspired change.  It wasn't until the end of July when the dust finally settled that I was able to take a look.  And reflect.  I could finally step outside the trees and see the forest.  Subconsciously, I had been simplifying during all of the madness and it was probably what kept me semi-sane.  See one of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits for lots of life-changing material.

2011 was a year of personal growth.  I faced situations that could've had very different outcomes should I have chosen the easy path.  The path of least resistance.  The path you take when you fear the change or the difficulty involved.  Or you fear the possible end result, and that perhaps you made a mistake in your choice. But guess what....wherever you are, in THIS moment, you are supposed to be.  Whether to confirm that you are in the right place or realize that you are not.  But you had to go in order to find out.

2011 Top 10:

1. Traveled to Costa Rica. First time to surf. First time getting stitches.
2. My best friend got married in Santa Fe, NM

3. Celebrated my sister's 21st Birthday in Las Vegas
4. Met new, life-long friends
5. Said see you soon to close friends moving out of state
6. Witnessed engagements of really special people
7. Ran my first race
8.  Big win with scoring my new job
9. OU Weekend
10. Big Adventures to new places: Costa Rica, Boston, Santa Fe, Chicago,  Rochester, New Orleans, Santa Barbara

Breathe. Go Slowly. Be Present.


  1. How inspiring and refreshing it is to hear that sometimes you do not know if you are in the right or the wrong place, situation, moment, but that you had to go to find out. We must live in that moment and follow the path you create from that experience. This needs to be remembered and so nice to hear! Thanks Rach for this uplifting doctrine! Besos

  2. I love this post. I think it's wonderful how you want to live. You're an amazing woman, Rach. So excited you have shared your blog